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Sports Performance

At Training HAUS, sports performance training is the platform for athletic achievement. Every athlete that walks through our doors receives personalized training tailored to accomplish their goals. Our outstanding strength coaches provide multi-dimensional coaching at various competitive levels, from youth to elite and professional athletes and believe that “working out at a consistent time, with a consistent community is a key to motivation, accountability and success.” 

In both team and small group training, our specialists work with you on athletic performance optimization, muscle endurance, sport-specific training and strength training programs geared towards your athletic goals and ambitions.

Group & Team Training Programs

Individuals come to the HAUS as a team or are placed in smaller groups and are given personal performance plans based on their unique goals.


Junior Development

Help athletes understand the basics of athletic performance training and establishes a foundation for present and future competition. Learn more »


Small Group Training

An elite athlete training service designed for high school, college and professional athletes. Athletes receive cutting-edge performance training to take their sports career to the next level. Learn more »


Speed & Agility

An all-encompassing, sports-specific performance program designed to increase an athlete’s overall athletic ability. Learn more »


Team Training

A customized team workout program based on the sport, time of year and overall team goals. Athletes are encouraged to sign up with teammates/friends who play the same sport and are at a similar level. Learn more »

Sport Performance Coaches

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