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The teams and athletes that make our local communities so special are what drive us every single day. Through sports, communities come together, and we’re committed to helping athletes of all ages reach their full potential, while also competing safely and smartly. And when injuries do happen, we’re there every step of the way during the recovery process.

We aim to educate athletes, parents, and coaches on the latest, most innovative training/recovery methods, while putting an emphasis on technique and fundamentals. Our HAUS is your HAUS, and WE – have many homes.




Training HAUS sports performance coaches and staff provide various sports performance services in the high school setting throughout the region.


Training HAUS provides various sports performance related services to athletic organizations and associations in the community.


There’s no higher honor in sports than being trusted to care for athletes, and together, we take the responsibility seriously. It’s called a “Sideline Team” for a reason, because that’s where you’ll find our experts. From TCO’s athletic trainers and team physicians taking care of athletes on and off the field to Training HAUS’ sports performance coaches helping athletes take their game to the next level (while also preventing injuries), we are committed to providing a world-class, all-encompassing experience.

Whether you’re a local high school or a professional team, our innovative and collaborative approach is the same. We work together to protect and develop athletes, and provide expert guidance if an injury occurs.

To learn more about Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) and their involvement in our local community, click here.

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