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Sports Science

Training HAUS uses an athlete-centered approach in our Sports Science Lab. Whether an endurance competitor or a field athlete, efficiency of movement matters. Our biomechanist uses cutting-edge technology to study movement patterns from both scientific and clinical perspectives. All HAUS trainers and specialists use this information to better understand an athlete’s weaknesses and/or limitations in order to develop an individualized treatment plan that reduces the risk of injury and optimizes performance.

HAUS Sports Science Technology


Biomechanics Analysis

The digital visualization of human motion using Qualisys high-end, image-based motion capture and analysis in combination with Bertec Force Plates and our Zebris Pressure Treadmill. This data captured within our lab helps to identify and address small, intricate movements aiding injured athletes in their return to sport while also assisting healthy athletes with increased performance and injury prevention.


ImPACT® Concussion Screening

A computer-based assessment that evaluates and manages a suspected concussion. ImPact assists providers in their assessment regarding an athlete’s ability to return to play. Learn More »


Senaptec Sports Vision Training

Sharpens and hones an athlete’s vision, mental processing, perception and other mental skills. Intended for athletes of all ages who are seeking a competitive edge. Learn More »

HAUS Sports Science Programs


TRAC Program

Athletes recovering from significant knee injuries work with our Training HAUS sports specialists to design and optimize individual rehabilitation plans utilizing research-grade biomechanical testing data. Learn More »


Vision Performance Program

With the expertise of a licensed optometrist, our program is designed to increase vision speed, accuracy, and reaction time, while decreasing risk of injury. The result is faster processing and improved all-around performance – an undeniable competitive advantage. Click here to watch a video about the Vision Performance program. Learn More »

Sports Scientists

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