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Testing for Return to Athletic Competition (TRAC)

Training HAUS Testing for Return to Athletic Competition (TRAC) Program is designed for athletes recovering from significant knee injuries. Each athlete will work with our Training HAUS sports scientists to design and optimize individual rehabilitation plans utilizing research-grade biomechanical testing data. Learn more »



Beginning as early as 3 months post-surgery, athletes undergo a comprehensive, 45-minute testing session in our Training HAUS Sports Science Lab. Using the latest force plate, motion capture, and dynamometry technologies, sports scientists analyze a multitude of variables including: isometric quadriceps strength, force production strategies, and single leg landing mechanics.



Biomechanical test data helps streamline a comprehensive rehabilitation program customized for each athlete’s individual needs. Training HAUS sports scientists collaborate with care teams to optimize the treatment plan. Depending on the athlete and injury, our team works alongside surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, and strength coaches.



We are laser-focused on one goal – preparing athletes physically and mentally to return to competition.


Athletes recovering from significant knee injuries with the goal of returning to sport


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