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Team Training

Training HAUS takes pride in keeping athletes healthy, allowing for long-term optimized performance. Our performance coaches incorporate productive in-season and off-season strength programs, along with the recovery tools to sustain strength and faster recovery throughout the season. Each program is specific to the athlete’s schedule, taking into consideration the time of year and overall team goals. Our programming ensures that each athlete will be physically and mentally prepared for athletic competition, while also building relationships with one another in and out of their respective seasons. Athletes are encouraged to sign up with teammates or a combination of teammates or friends with like-minded goals.

Throughout this program, athletes will LEARN

  • Training specific to the demands of their schedule
  • How to utilize load-intensity methods in relation to competition schedule
  • Programming based on needs of their sport
  • Proper fundamentals and techniques of training
  • Recovery techniques

By the end of this program, athletes WILL

  • Perform their respective sport at a higher intensity
  • Have increased explosiveness and reactionary time
  • Have improved overall strength, speed and quickness
  • Have reduced the likeliness of injury



75 Minutes


Frequency *

1-3x Per Week


Like-minded individual athletes who are most often teammates from a single sport, but may also be a group of friends from a variety of sports coming together for one purpose


Must sign-up together as group of 10 athletes or more – not sport specific and welcomes all athletes


Pricing is determined by the number of athletes per team workout; to learn more, contact Training HAUS by calling 952-456-7650 or email [email protected].

* Minor variability in number of sessions per week may occur due to holiday schedules and other various schedule conflicts. The HAUS staff will do their best to ensure a routine and standardized schedule.

Sports Performance Coaches

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For any questions about Team Training, call 952-456-7650 or click here.

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