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Track & Field

The Training HAUS Track & Field Program prepares athletes for a collegiate training cycle using the indoor season as a base for the outdoor season. Our focus is to build acceleration and top end-speed over short distances, laying the foundation to be fast over longer distances in subsequent training phases.

The program is centered around development and optimization of stride length, stride frequency and power development, customized to the specific needs of sprinters and middistance runners. Our athletes will learn to have a strong foundation of movement through resistance training and corrective exercises.



Designed for any field athlete to learn proper body positioning throughout the event and movement. Athletes will work with a specific event coach to structure his/her program towards their events.

  • Body Positioning

  • Body Awareness

  • Power Pushes

  • Event Mechanics

  • Injury Prevention



Designed for the unique mechanical, metabolic, and psychological needs of sprinters.

  • Acceleration Mechanics
  • Turnover Frequency
  • Power Starts
  • Maintenance of Top Speed
  • Horizontal & Vertical


(above 400m to 3200m)

Designed to achieve a more powerful running style while increasing resistance to training-induced injuries.

  • Speed
  • Race Pacing & Speed Play
  • Breathing
  • Posture Maintenance & Race Relaxation
  • Tempo Optimization & Training



75 minutes


Frequency *

1-4x per week


Sessions expire 12-months after purchasing.

Sports Performance Coaches

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