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Sports Nutrition

Using evidence-based science, our sports-trained dietitians provide athletes with customized sports nutrition to optimize performance, minimize lifelong health risks, and enhance recovery from exercise and injury. Training HAUS involves coaches, athletes, staff and parents in nutritional guidance, providing the most comprehensive plan possible for each individual’s athletic performance and lifestyle.

HAUS Nutritional Guidance


Sports Performance & Injury Resilience

Personalized consultations that focus on fueling schedules for sport performance, hydration guides, body composition, supplement guidelines, grocery store tours and informational resources.


Wellness & Injury Recovery Nutrition

Nutritional information tailored to enhance recovery as well as optimize health and performance from various injuries or health conditions.


Body Composition Optimization

Personalized consulting that uses body composition testing to help athletes gain, maintain, or lose weight and optimize body composition to maximize performance.


Food Allergies, Intolerance & Digestive Distress

Nutritional guidance surrounding individual nutrient and physiological interactions as well as cultural and personal food practices (e.g., vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, IBS).


Disordered Eating Recovery

In-depth counseling that focuses on gaining confidence in nutrition and improving body image to allow long lasting health, athletic potential and mental health well-being.


Sports Nutrition Consulting Seminars

Large group informational meetings, either face-to-face or via the web, regarding a range of nutritional topics that can be tailored to your group’s needs.


Fueling Logistics

Team or athletic program oriented pre- and post-competition fueling plans or catering coordination to meet the needs of individual athletes, within specified operational budgets.


Small Group/Team Consulting

Group counseling format will help bring the team mentality full circle to include performance nutrition. Each group can work towards similar nutrition goals together, while still having personalized nutrition guides based on individual needs.

HAUS Fueling Station

The HAUS offers a variety of hydration and recovery drinks in addition to healthy snack options and fresh smoothies. The Fueling Station is a great place to recover post-workout, hydrate and refuel after an intense training session or even aid in the repair process after a recovery or massage treatment.

*Insurance is accepted for dietetic consultations, subject to individual insurance policy and provider referral.


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