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Women’s Health Small Group Training

Time to focus on YOU and your health with our Women’s Health Small Group Training program. This comprehensive program is specialized and tailored for women who have either been through pregnancy, are thinking of having children, or are simply wanting to learn more about prolonging the health of the female body. With a focus on each individual woman, this program also concentrates on physical, mental, and nutritional needs.

We have designed this program to promote body confidence, increase flexibility and improve muscular strength specific to pelvic floor function and core stability, applying these principals to strength training. Participants will learn about addressing/treating the demands and physical changes brought on by pregnancy, and we will modify the experience for each individual.

Program Details

  • Monday (Pilates) & Wednesday (Strength) | 6:30-7:30 PM
  • Progress evaluations throughout the 12-week program
  • Participants will have additional access to 1 nutrition presentation, Pilates/weight room and on-site physical therapists/athletic trainers



60 minutes



1-2x per week

Participants can sign up monthly or for the full 12-week program.

NOTE: All pregnant participants need to have clearance from medical provider.


First time or repeat customers in need of assistance with scheduling, please call 952-456-7650.

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