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Sports Recovery

Recovery is a crucial part in the overall performance and well-being of an athlete. Proper recovery is essential to optimal athletic performance. The goal of our recovery services is to help our athletes to relax and recover from post workout or post-game soreness and muscle fatigue. Whatever your recovery needs are, Training HAUS will help you find the right program to help you relax, recover and come back even stronger.

Recovery Programs We Offer:


Active Regeneration Circuit

Remodels muscle tissue and improves blood flow through dynamic movements (foam rolling, manual therapy and cardio) on an athlete’s off day.



A recovery system that uses dynamic air compression to enhance the movement of fluid and metabolics out of the limbs after an intense workout. Learn more »


Game Ready®

Recovery technology that uses hot and cold compression sleeves to promote faster healing and improved recovery times. Learn more »



HAUS certified dietitian provides personalized education and nutrition suggestions. Our refueling station offers a number of recovery products including protein shakes. Learn more »

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