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Athletic Training

Athletic Trainers (ATs) are experts in the management of injury and rehabilitation. Training HAUS ATs work closely and collaborate with a number of teams inside the HAUS. With the Sports Science team, ATs work to deliver objective-driven interventions. ATs and the Sports Therapy team work together to return athletes to high level function and competition. Finally, the collaboration between ATs and the Sports Performance team is focused on optimizing athletic performance, muscle endurance, and providing sport-specific training programs.

Our ATs are a key part of our high-performance team and are integral in the care and training of professional athletes. They help bridge the gap between injury and sports performance by utilizing a variety of treatments, rehabilitation, recovery techniques, functional strengthening, and restoration of movement.

ATs are available through one-on-one sessions and are essential in running our Training HAUS ACE Return to Sport programs.


Individual Exercise Programming

Utilizes a number of high-level rehabilitation and training techniques. These include strength and stability training, mobility and corrective exercise, plyometrics, and self-care techniques. The goal of these techniques is returning athletes to a level greater than their pre-injury level.


Athlete Reconditioning

Using their knowledge and expertise on injuries and the surgical process, ATs help athletes prepare for return to sport safely. The goal is to guide an athlete through the Return to Sport process by focusing on restoring strength and conditioning.


Sport Movement Quality Restoration

Structured, motor control guided and graded progression of fundamental athletic and sport-specific movements. The goal is to prepare athletes for safe, skilled, and controlled sports performance.


Manual Therapy

A variety of skilled, hands-on techniques. These techniques are utilized to increase joint and soft tissue movement, reduce pain and swelling, and reduce joint and tissue restrictions.


Dry Needling

The insertion of fine filament needles into the body to treat both chronic and acute issues like muscle tightness, strains, sprains, swelling reduction, pain modulation, muscle activation and overall recovery for overused tissues.


Blood Flow Restriction

Creates significant strength and hypertrophy gains in a specific muscle group with the use of personalized and specific pressure. The aim is to reduce blood flow to an exercising extremity.



Creates a negative pressure vacuum to increase blood flow and tissue mobilization in order to increase range of motion, decrease pain and improve tissue healing.



Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is used to detect and treat soft tissue dysfunction to increase range of motion, eliminate pain and restore normal tissue function.

Pricing: Depending on the situation, Athletic Training services can be billed through insurance or can be cash-based ($150 per session).

Athletic Trainers

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