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Sport Psychology

Our experts help athletes achieve optimal performance and wellness in their sport and life endeavors.

Individual Sessions
Individual sessions help an athlete improve their mindset and/or deal with any psychological/emotional issues that may be impacting their performance, health, and/or well-being. Many athletes deal with a lot of pressure, performance anxiety, mental blocks or loss of confidence. At Premier Sport Psychology, we individualize each session for the athlete/performer/coach. We work with them to build a strong mindset that is not only applicable in sport, but also in many areas in life.


Premier offers a variety of services to teams tailored to meet their needs and support their goals. This comes in many forms, including coach consultations, mindset optimization workshops, presentations, team building sessions, team leadership development, and more.

Group or team meetings are efficient and engaging ways to bring mindset training to a group of athletes and/or coaches. They can provide athletes with individualized skills training, awareness on group/team dynamics, and tools to foster a culture and supportive environment among the team. Team settings are experiential and interactive, benefitting athletes as they are able to learn from each other.

Restoration to Optimization in:


Concussion & Injury Recovery


Confidence & Consistency


Focus & Attention


Mental Toughness & Agility


Mental Blocks or Fears


Managing Perfectionism


Performance Anxiety


Coping with Pressure


Depression or Sadness


Anger & Emotional Management


Psychological Well-being & Mental Health

Note: Not all sport psychologists are currently taking on new clients due to being in season with teams/organizations.  Please reach out to us at 952-835-8513 for availability, experience, and expertise that best aligns with your goals.

Sport Psychologists

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