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Small Group Training

The Training HAUS Small Group Training program is designed for athletes ranging from age 12 and up, including former athletes of all ages. HAUS strength and conditioning coaches have extensive backgrounds at the Olympic, professional and collegiate levels. By implementing technical and skill-based training applications, their mission is to optimize each athlete’s performance, ensuring that they’re physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for career success.

While the HAUS Small Group Training programs are designed to strengthen an athlete’s demand of sport, it also focuses on managing their overall health. Throughout these programs, athletes will have access to:



75 Minutes


Frequency *

1-5x Per Week


The athlete who is seeking high performance training to gain a competitive edge


Sign-up as an individual or with a group of friends/teammates – program is not sport specific and welcomes all athletes (group size typically no larger than 12 athletes); all athletes must begin in the free Intro to Small Group program before being moved into Small Group training 


Sessions expire 12-months after purchasing.

Sports Performance Coaches

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