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High Performance Rehabilitation

Training HAUS High Performance Rehabilitation is a fully-customized physical therapy, athletic training and sports performance program built for athletes recovering from surgery. Our program combines traditional, insurance-based therapy with Training HAUS cash-based services, helping athletes return to sport with a decreased risk of re-injury and an increased level of athleticism. Learn more »


Due to commercial insurance limitations, we estimate that traditional therapy alone provides less than 15% of the hands-on treatment time that would be seen in a typical Division I or professional setting. For example, while traditional PT protocols regarding ACL recovery average 26.25 hours (35 visits x an average of 45min/visit), we base the High Performance Rehab program off of college and pro protocols that typically average over 200 hours.


Athletes recovering from surgery with the goal of returning to sport with a decreased risk of re-injury and an increased level of athleticism


Sign-up as an individual – programs are not sport specific and welcomes all athletes


Cost of program is estimated to be $500 per month for the first 4 – 6 months. Any excess dollars remaining in the athlete’s account following return to play will be credited toward additional sports performance training or back to athlete’s card on file.


For any questions about about our High Performance Rehab program, call 952-456-7650 or click here.

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