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Adult Athletic Performance

Get back into the best shape of your life with Training HAUS Adult Athletic Performance. Our program is designed for current/former athletes or active adults of all fitness levels looking to recover from injuries, increase strength, and break through plateaus in a friendly, energetic environment. Led by Training HAUS sports performance coaches, every day is different and the training phases continuously change throughout the year. Get ready to train like an elite athlete and reimagine your limits.


Lower Body Strength

Learn how to develop strength with proper form in order to produce efficient power.


Upper Body Strength

Develop proper movement patterns to avoid upper body injuries and develop muscle tone.



Metabolic and endurance based conditioning to help strengthen your cardiovascular system.


Corrective Exercise

Involves identifying inefficient movement patterns, utilizing low intensity exercise to correct movements and building the foundation for strengthening.



60 minutes



1-4x Per Week


Current/former athletes or active adults of all fitness levels looking to recover from injuries and increase strength


Sign-up as an individual or with a group of friends/teammates – program is not sport specific and welcomes all adult athletes

** Pricing includes 1 free Recovery session and access to our Fueling Station.

Sports Performance Coaches

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