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Fitness Classes

 “Sweat with the HAUS! We offer a variety of fitness classes for everyone!” Training HAUS Fitness Classes are open to the public and will leave you feeling re-energized and strong. Not only are they a great workout opportunity for young athletes, but also for parents who are waiting while their kids train. Set goals and get results—all fitness levels are welcome.


Pilates Mat

This full-body workout is focused on the Pilates principles of concentration, centering, control, precision, breath and flow. Exercises (developed by Joseph Pilates) are focused and sequenced to provide a profound challenge to the core. Each one includes multi-directional movements that strengthen and stretch, resulting in uniform strength, corrected alignment and improved posture. Props may also be used in class (overballs, therabands and hand weights). You’ll leave class feeling taller, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. Beginner and advanced classes available. 

* 45-minute class is open to all levels. Please bring a mat, small towel and water bottle.


Power Yoga

Re-energize and reconnect your mind and body. In this class, you’ll flow through Vinyasa-style yoga while the instructor breaks down a challenging sequence. Each class is lightly heated and set to invigorating music, helping you to deepen your practice and connect breath to body and movement. You’ll leave feeling strong, flexible and calm.

* 60-minute intro style class open to all levels. Please bring a mat, small towel and water bottle.


Reformer Pilates ($75/session)

Private one hour sessions intended for all levels. Instructor can work with other providers to offer modifications or design programs suited for your sport or lifestyle. Pilates equipment classes are designed to strengthen, tone, stretch and align your entire body.

* 60-minute individual session open to all levels. Please bring a small towel and water bottle.


Stretch + Recover (Coming Soon) 

Enlighten your body by combining dynamic stretching and linking breath with movement. You’ll target both large and small muscle groups while focusing on core strength, balance, stability and flexibility, allowing your body to recover to its fullest. Come revitalize your body and have fun!

* 60-minute class open to all levels. Please bring a water bottle and small towel.


Yoga Sculpt 

Get ready to take your yoga flow to the next level. This high-intensity, lightly heated yoga class combines light weights and yoga postures with energizing music for a total body workout. You’ll target every muscle with strength exercises and increase your heart rate with cardio bursts. The calorie burn will continue long after class is over!

* 60-minute class is open to all levels but some yoga experience is encouraged. Please bring a mat, small towel and water bottle.

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** Pricing listed above does NOT include Reformer Pilates.

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