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Fitness Classes

 “Sweat with the HAUS! We offer a variety of fitness classes for everyone!” Training HAUS Fitness Classes are open to the public and will leave you feeling re-energized and strong. Not only are they a great workout opportunity for young athletes, but also for parents who are waiting while their kids train. Set goals and get results—all fitness levels are welcome.


Reformer Pilates | $85 for an individual session, $120 for a duet session ($60 per person)

Private one hour sessions intended for all levels. Instructor can work with other providers to offer modifications or design programs suited for your sport or lifestyle. Pilates equipment classes are designed to strengthen, tone, stretch and align your entire body.

* 60-minute individual session open to all levels. Please bring a small towel and water bottle.


Hot Yoga – Athletes 

Hot Yoga for Athletes is specially designed with the athlete in mind. Join us to connect mind and body, move your joints towards their full range of motion, while developing coordination through balance and dynamic movement and learning to breathe while while in complex shapes to train the mind to be clear and poise in difficult times. We teach breath work to center the mind, and long held stretches that get into the connective tissue to reduce injury. The benefits of this class are beyond preventing injury and recovery (although a huge benefit). Elite athletes know that their mental approach to the sport is often what sets them apart. 

* 60-minute class, heated and practiced barefoot, open to all levels. Please bring a mat, small towel and water bottle.

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** Pricing listed above does NOT include Reformer Pilates.

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