ACE – Return To Sport

The Training HAUS Athletic Competition Enhancement (ACE) program is a comprehensive return to performance program customized to each athlete with a focus on an athlete’s return to performance following an injury whether operative or non-operative. In a small-group setting, our sports physical therapists, athletic trainers, sports performance coaches, and sports scientists work as a team to develop and implement programming specific to each athlete’s injury concerns and performance needs.

Note: Prior to being admitted into the ACE program, each athlete must be cleared by their physician and their physical therapist or athletic trainer. If post-operative, athletes must complete a functional test with a Training HAUS physical therapist and/or athletic trainer to determine their readiness for ACE. Progression into the ACE program may include individual sessions with an athletic trainer to better prepare the athlete for group sessions.


Training HAUS High Performance Rehabilitation is a fully-customized physical therapy, athletic training, and sports performance program built for athletes recovering from both surgical and non-surgical injuries. Our program combines traditional, insurance based therapy with Training HAUS cash-based services including athletic training, nutrition, chiropractic care, Pilates, sports psychology, massage therapy and acupuncture. Our staff blends these services to best aid in an athletes return to performance with a decreased risk of re-injury and an increased level of athleticism.

  • Train with our athletic trainers and certified strength and conditioning specialists
  • Small group training sessions 2-3 times per week
  • In coordination with formal rehabilitation, ACE Strength will assist athletes with regaining appropriate muscle strength and movement control, aiding with the transition into the next phase of rehabilitation regardless of injury
  • Train with our Training HAUS sports performance coaches and athletic trainers
  • Small group training sessions 2-3 times per week in group consisting of both ACE Sport athletes in addition to Training HAUS Small Group athletes
  • Late phase return to performance program allowing for increased intensity in strength, power, speed, agility and overall conditioning



75 Minutes



2-3x Per Week


Individual athletes who seek to return to a high level of performance following operative or non-operative injuries


Sign-up as an individual – programs are not sport specific and welcomes all athletes

* Pricing includes 1 free Body Composition analysis, 1 free Recovery session and access to our Fueling Station.

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