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Speed & Agility

The Training HAUS Speed & Agility Program is an all-encompassing, sports-specific performance program designed to increase an athlete’s overall athletic ability as it relates to acceleration and deceleration, top-end speed, and change of direction.

Throughout this program, athletes will LEARN 

  • Proper technical form within all planes of motion
  • How to develop and improve Rate of Force production through supporting biomechanical advantages
  • Different phases of running with technical strategies to optimize performance
  • Components of multi-directional movement

By the end of this program, the athlete WILL

  • Have increased overall strength and power on the field 
  • Have improved reactionary ability
  • Be able to maximize force that can be generated to optimize acceleration performance
  • Have enhanced multi-planar movements specific to sport
  • Perform at a high intensity
  • Become efficient with movement and prepared for competition



60 Minutes


Frequency *

4x Per Week


The athlete who is seeking to improve speed & agility – this is a seasonal summer training program


Sign-up as an individual or with a group of friends/teammates – program is not sport specific and welcomes all athletes (group size typically no larger than 12 athletes)


Sessions expire 12-months after purchasing.

Sports Performance Coaches

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