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Youth Small Group

Held in a small group setting, the Youth Small Group program is designed for young athletes with minimal or no experience with performance training. The goal of this program is to further enhance an athlete’s understanding regarding the basics of performance training while establishing a foundation for present and future competition.

By the end of this program, athletes will LEARN

  • Proper biomechanical movements
  • Injury prevention
  • Basic plyometric concepts: landing and jumping, stretch shortening cycle, progressions
  • Standard policies and procedures in the weight room
  • The difference between volume-load and intensity
  • Proper nutrition and hydration required

By the end of this program, the athlete WILL

  • Be faster, stronger, biomechanically sound and reactive
  • Have increased awareness of self and surroundings
  • Have improved translation of training to sport
  • Be less prone to injury
  • Have an improved mind-muscle connection



60 Minutes



2-3x Per Week


The young athlete who has minimal or no experience with performance training – typically middle school/junior high athletes


Sign-up as an individual or with a group of friends/teammates – program is not sport specific and welcomes all athletes


Sessions expire 12-months after purchasing.

Sports Performance Coaches

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