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Training HAUS Medical Staff Presence at 2019 FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland

The U20 U.S. Men’s National Team is competing in the FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland, and our very own Training HAUS Sports Physical Therapist Mike Shirilla will be there on the sidelines.

Mike was part of the medical staff for the U20 MNT at the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup in South Korea, and also brings years of experience working in professional soccer. This repertoire has allowed him to make important medical decisions in high pressure situations, which is very valuable in a World Cup tournament setting.

We sat down with Mike and asked him some questions about his role and the incredible experience of working the team.

Q: What is your role with the team?
A: I will be part of the medical staff for the team in the Sports Physical Therapist role.

Q: What team are you working with?
A: This U20 MNT is comprised of the top 21 players under the age of 20 to represent the U.S. in this prestigious youth international tournament.

Q: What does a typical day looks like?
A: Each day varies depending on when our next match will be, but each day is very structured from start to finish. A typical training day consist of breakfast and player check ins, morning treatment, training, lunch, meetings, afternoon treatment/recovery, dinner and evening treatment/recovery sessions.

Q: What are you most excited about?
A: I am just so honored to be a part of the medical staff for this team and to represent US Soccer. There is really nothing like being a part of a World Cup and excited to take care of the players and see how far we can go in the tournament.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?
A: Being able to collaborate and work with such a great group of medical professionals, coaches and elite players for US Soccer. Being passionate about sports medicine and the sport of soccer, I obviously cherish the opportunity to be a part of the sports medicine team for US Soccer.

Keep up with Mike and follow the team at the World Cup here:


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