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The Game-Changer: High Performance Rehab

During my time as a certified athletic trainer (ATC) at Minnesota State University, Mankato, I grew accustomed to providing nearly 24/7 injury rehabilitation care for our athletes. Whether it was a knee injury, a concerning skin lesion, or an emotionally traumatic experience, our staff was able to arrange same-day consultations with the appropriate sports medicine professional.

Personally, I was responsible for prevention, examination/assessment, initial management/rehabilitation and return to play progressions/determinations for many athletes and their injuries. During my time with the Mavericks, I was able to see athletes 5 to 7 days per week during the season, and sometimes twice a day if needed. In this environment, we saw athletes get much better much faster. The reason? It’s simple math.

For many athletes at high schools and small colleges, the staff may be stretched thin and resources too limited to provide athletes with the attention, testing and education needed to maximize recovery. At Training HAUS and Twin Cities Orthopedics, we’ve solved this problem.

What is High Performance Rehabilitation?

High Performance Rehabilitation is designed to provide every athlete with a sports medicine staff and resources typically available only to Division I and professional athletes. Our physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, sports scientists (biomechanists), dietitians, psychologists, acupuncturists, and performance coaches have all worked with professional athletes. Some are still competitive athletes themselves! At our core, we are athletes who live to help athletes.

We also have resources that set us apart from other elite training facilities. One is our Sports Science Lab, which actually attracted Bill Welle, an internationally known sports performance coach, to Training HAUS. 

In the Sports Science Lab, various technologies are used to measure athletic abilities and progress. The Biodex measures strength for athletes recovering from injury or working to maximize performance. From there, the Simi markerless motion capture system creates a 3D model of the athlete, which is used to assess movement patterns. Finally, our team prepares reports to treat pain, increase strength and improve inefficient movement patterns.

The High Performance Experience

In as little as one day at Training HAUS, an injured athlete could have a physical therapy evaluation, sports science lab analysis, sports psychology consultation, and sports performance consultation. That athlete walks away with a treatment plan not only for their injury, but their entire physical and mental health. We aim to create as many opportunities as possible for our athletes to maintain an edge.

Let’s use the example of a soccer player who comes in with a hamstring injury. She might start by working with our acupuncturist for dry needling. Following that treatment, she could meet a physical therapist for injury rehabilitation or a sports performance coach for training. As she is leaving, she could even have a consultation with our sports dietician for information on what type of nutrition maximizes tissue healing and recovery!

In another common scenario, a basketball player recovering from a knee injury may have the day off from training, but has some muscle soreness to flush out. After receiving treatment from our sports chiropractor, it’s a great time for them to head to the recovery room to get into the Normatec or Game Ready knee sleeves. They might even find another athlete looking to challenge them to a game of Madden on our Xbox One.

The options are nearly endless. With High Performance Rehab, we provide every opportunity for you to recover as fast as possible and return to sport better than ever.

One Last Story

Let me give you one final example of an athlete who has worked with Training HAUS through multiple injuries. Initially, this professional football player found us following a knee injury that caused him to be released by his team. Complete recovery was essential to him continuing to pursue his NFL dreams.

Following evaluation and sports science measurements, we determined his early rehabilitation would be focused on managing swelling, improving range of motion, and gaining strength. His High Performance Rehabilitation plan included physical therapy, athletic training, sports science, Pilates, sports massage, and sports performance. As he progressed and his functional performance improved, he was invited to multiple private workouts with NFL teams and signed a contract with a new team near the end of the 2019 season. 

Returning to Training HAUS for the off season, his goals included continued rehab, return to sport progression, and sports performance training. During this time, his knee had a small amount of swelling that we hadn’t been able to resolve. However, the very next day, he was meeting with one of our knee specialists who works with a pro team. After a procedure to drain fluid off the knee and a viscosupplementation injection, the swelling improved.

Unfortunately, the athlete later sustained an injury to his foot when his shoe fell off while running on a turf surface. This resulted in nagging pain. By this time, the athlete’s knee was fully recovered, so his plan of care was transferred to a physical therapist specializing in foot injuries. 

After some initial improvements with therapy, dry needling and chiropractic care, we decided to a consult with another pro-team physician. He connected our athlete to another specialist, who arranged a next day appointment for our athlete to receive a PRP injection. He is now well on his way to resuming his dream of playing in the NFL.

These examples illustrate the beauty of this fully-customizable program. Whether you’re a casual runner, high school athlete, or a professional, we’ve got you covered.

– Chris Doney, MS, LAT, ATC | Athletic Trainer

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