Training HAUS Speed Camp 2022 - Training HAUS

Training HAUS Speed Camp 2022

Training HAUS, powered by TCO, will host a Speed Camp at TCO Sports Garden on Monday, February 21st (President’s Day).

This comprehensive speed camps will focus on teaching and improving acceleration, top speed, and change of direction capabilities for athletes’ grades 5th – 8th. Athletes will be placed in groups based on age and ability level, and drills will be modified by coaches accordingly. Each athlete will have the opportunity to be directly evaluated on vertical and horizontal power, linear speed and change of direction abilities via vertical jump, broad jump, 40-yard dash and pro agility testing.  


Who can attend?
  • Athletes in grades 5th through 8th
  • All skill and ability levels are welcome


What will be included in the Speed Camp?
  • Dynamic Warm Up – Every successful training session begins with a comprehensive dynamic warm up to raise core and tissue temperature, increase range of motion, decrease risk of injury, and optimize performance. This will also be an opportunity for coaching fundamental sprinting positions and techniques. The warmup lays the foundation for a successful training session.
  • Acceleration – Acceleration is what creates separation, and helps athletes make plays. Acceleration is the ability to produce horizontal force and project your body forward from a static start, in other words, to go from 0 to 100. Acceleration is dependent on both technical, and physical qualities, both of which will be touched on in this station.
  • Top Speed – Top speed is steps 10+ in a sprint and provides a powerful stimulus for the entire neuromuscular system that is hard to otherwise achieve. Top speed mechanics are vastly different from acceleration; therefore, it is important to learn and practice both. By training to increase their top speed, athletes will also increase their acceleration abilities, and decrease their risk of injury.
  • Change of Direction/Agility – Being fast in a straight line is important, but so is being able to change directions, decelerate/reaccelerate, react, and make plays. Athletes will learn how to change directions efficiently and decelerate/accelerate effectively in and out of cuts at our change of direction/agility station.
  • Testing – Testing of KPI’s (key performance indicators) is a crucial part of any performance enhancement program. Our broad jump, vertical jump,40-yard dash and pro agility testing will give athletes exposure to tests commonly used in combine/tryout environments, help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, and see where they stack up against their peers. Athletes who attend both speed camps will also have an opportunity to compare their results from the first camp, to their results from the second camp.
  • Education/Evaluation – Each athlete will receive notes form our expert coaches from each portion of our speed camp. These notes will give athletes information about what they did well, what they need to work on, and how they can increase their speed.
  • Nutrition – Our Sports Dietitians will share important details about how to properly fuel for and recover from high performance. Snacks and lunch will be provided.
  • Gameplay – Training HAUS speed camps will conclude with roughly 1 hour of gameplay. Athletes will have the chance to play multiple small and large group games. This is valuable because it challenges athletes to adapt to new environments, quickly pick up on new skills and strategies, and work on athletic qualities they might not usually work on through their sport practice/games. Many of the best athletes of all time were/are multi-sport athletes. There is evidence that skills learned under fixed conditions (repetitive practice of the same skill under the same conditions) results in greater short-term improvements, but practice under random/variable conditions results in greater long-term retention of skills, and better transfer to other similar tasks (Gabbett et. Al, 2008.) The gameplay portion will also serve as a chance for athletes to let loose and have fun after a day of hard work.


Who will be there?

James Warmuth, Strength and Performance Coach

  • USATF LVL 1 Certified Track and Field Coach
  • 11+ years of coaching experience
  • Decathlete, Hurdler and Triple Jumper at University of Minnesota Duluth
  • 7 Team USA Olympic Trials Qualifiers
  • 15+ MSHSL Track and Field State Champions


Shannon Rainey, Strength and Performance Coach

  • 2x HS All-State (100m & 4x100m relay)
  • 4x MIAC Track and Field Conference Champions (2x 55m, 100m, 200m)
  • 4x NCAA Div. lll Track and Field National Championships Qualifier (3x 4×100 relay, 100m)
  • NCAA Div. III Track and Field All-American
  • Mounds View High School Sprint Coach 2003-2009
  • East Ridge High School Head Boys Track and Field Coach & Sprint Coach 2010-2019
  • (80) Track & Field All-State Athletes
  • (4) Individual & Relay State Champions
  • MSHSL Boys Track & Field Team State Championship (2017)


Full details

Speed Camp | President’s Day

  • Date: Monday, February 21st, 2022
  • Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Location: TCO Sports Garden | 1490 Co Rd E East, Vadnais Heights, MN 55110
  • Age: Grades 5th – 8th


Cost: $75
Safety Protocols per Ramsey County policy
  • Athletes will be required to wear masks while entering and exiting the arenas and common spaces
  • Athletes, once on the field, can choose to mask/unmask during the duration of their event
  • Click here to learn more about Ramsey County Arenas COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

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