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Outdoor Workouts: 3 Tips to Beat the Heat

The sun is shining, and summer is finally here! As athletes transition back outside for training, here are three easy tips to stay safe in the summer heat.


1. Warm Up Your Body

Performing a proper dynamic warmup gradually increases body temperature, heart rate, and blood flow throughout your body. Dynamic exercises include movements such as shuffling, carioca, jogging, and back pedaling. Combining a dynamic warmup with a prolonged period of stretching can minimize the risk of injury during athletic competition.


2. Choose Clothing Wisely

Keep your mind in the zone by avoiding clothing distractions. Prioritize comfort and weight when picking out what to wear during a workout outdoors.


  • Choose clothing that is malleable to allow full mobility while competing. Clothing that is tight in the armpits and hips can result in uncomfortable chaffing. Make sure you have full range of motion.


  • Certain fabrics are designed to pull sweat away from your skin during exercise while others absorb it. Polypropylene fabric blends promote sweat evaporation while cotton absorbs sweat, which can cause your shirt to double in weight. Find what works for you!


3. Cool Down Transition

The sun and outdoor terrain can take a toll on your body. Repetitive stress on your muscles, cartilage, and nerves can cause small micro-tears. The micro-tears can increase delayed soreness and if not treated properly, can lead to tendonitis, muscle strains, and full tears.

To reduce the risk of muscle cramps, soreness, and potential heat exhaustion, take roughly 5-10 minutes to transition your running/intense exercise into a light run or brisk walk to relax and lengthen muscles from their tight engaged state.

Once the muscles begin to relax, focus on a light stretching session for another 5 – 10 minutes, focusing primarily on the calves, upper legs, hips, and hamstrings. Some examples include ankle rocking and the 90/90 hip flexor stretch. This will keep your muscles flexible and healthy for your next training session.


Summer in Minnesota is fleeting, so use these tips to stay safe in the heat and make the most of your outdoor training. For more information about sports performance at Training HAUS, click here.




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