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Our HAUS Is Your House

A high school athlete who’s working to improve his or her performance. A pro player who’s getting back in the game after an injury. A mom who’s fitting in a yoga class while her high school student trains. Where can you find all of these athletes in one place? Introducing Training HAUS, the new, state-of-the-art sports performance facility for athletes of all ages.

Located at Viking Lakes in Eagan, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, the HAUS is truly unlike anything else in the Twin Cities. Powered by Twin Cities Orthopedics, this unique facility was developed by a team of industry-leading sports medicine experts and methods rooted in science. The HAUS builds an individualized performance plan for every athlete that not only challenges and inspires, but produces real, life-changing results.

With 22,000 square feet of space and 30-foot-high ceilings, there’s a lot that the HAUS offers, all under one roof. Here’s a breakdown of everything available:

Services & Programs:
  • Sports Performance
  • Sports Physical Therapy
  • Sports Chiropractic
  • Fitness Classes
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sports Recovery
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Accupuncture
  • Sports Science & Biomechanics
  • Corporate Leadership Development
  • Sports Spa
  • Fueling Station
  • Turf/Court Space
  • Weight Room
  • Biomechanics Lab
  • Vision Training
  • Recovery Lounge
  • Yoga Studio
  • Multi-Purpose Educational Room

Are you ready to take your athletic performance to the next level? Contact us or stop by today to see what the HAUS can do for you!

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