Mitch V. Testimonial - Training HAUS

Mitch V. Testimonial

Have you ever wanted something so bad and physically worked so hard to get there, only to have it stripped away from you in one wrong move? I have…twice.

After having 2 major surgeries in 18 months on both of my knees, I figured my football dreams were over. I had a terrible attitude, my grades were suffering, and I figured my dreams of playing college football were over. I basically threw in the towel. That’s until I met Chris Doney and started working out at the Training HAUS.

I already know at the age of 17 that Chris will forever be one of the most positive influences I will have in my life. He supported me and made me believe in myself day after day, week after week, until I realized I WILL be back in the game! Through our workouts, Chris and the HAUS team built up my physical strength, but equally as important, built up mental strength. This has allowed me to become the best version of myself.

Thank you, Chris, and the other staff members I had the honor of working with. I will forever be grateful to you and the life lessons I learned from working out at the Training HAUS.

Mitch V. | HAUS Built

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