Laura E. Testimonial

As an aerialist, my arms bear a lot of force and are required for long periods of intense movement. When my elbow tendons became so worn down that I couldn’t do my sport (my job), I knew I needed to get them looked at. I had started with a PT somewhere else, and after some time of no improvement, I was referred out to Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO). We completed an MRI which came back showing the damage to my tendons. Megin John was recommended as my next step, for her expertise in rehabilitating dancers and circus artists. While working with Megin, I learned how to strengthen and support my arms, was taught new, sport-specific conditioning exercises that will forever be a part of my repertoire, and I also learned ways to apply therapy/recovery care for my arms. I am forever grateful to Megin for the knowledge I gained. Applying this knowledge into persistent dedication of doing my exercises, I was able to get back into my sport and start taking work again. I highly recommend Megin, the Training HAUS and TCO to all my circus and dance family!

Laura E. | Aerialist

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