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Kate P. Testimonial

Hi! My name is Kate Pearson, and I’m a junior at Eden Prairie High School. I’m a lacrosse player and currently committed to play NCAA Division I lacrosse at Marquette University. In fall 2017, my lacrosse team started training with Training HAUS staff. I seriously had the best time and really saw improvement in my skills. My coaches, Scott Schriever and Kirk Olson, always pushed me to reach my full potential, and I have never met anyone more qualified than them to do the job.

About a year ago, I started having problems with my hips and back, but put them on the backburner because I was so focused on lacrosse. Unfortunately, after a tournament in the fall, I was having major problems with my hips and back. I visited a surgeon for my hips who recommended physical therapy. I told Scott and Kirk about it right away and not only did they get me into see one of the best physical therapists, Mike Shirilla, they also created workouts that I could do with my injury. When I visited Mike, I found out that I didn’t just have hip and back issues, I also had lost a lot of the muscle function in other parts of my body that was causing those issues. I felt beat down by that information and was almost ready to give up, but I didn’t.

The support of the Training HAUS staff helped me achieve a quicker recovery than expected and were there for me every step of the way. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Personal trainer Leah Wurm, CPT, was always there to check in on me to see how I am doing. Mike gave me the tools I needed to recover and helped me overcome my obstacles. Scott and Kirk pushed me to be a better athlete and gave me the support I needed to persevere through this injury. The Training HAUS family is one of the best out there; I have never met a more encouraging, knowledgeable and hardworking group of people.

Kate Pearson | Eden Prairie Varsity Lacrosse

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