Ellie H. Testimonial - Training HAUS

Ellie H. Testimonial

As a competitor who has had too many overuse injuries, I can honestly say I feel confident the story has changed. Kirk and Scott have put together a custom strength, conditioning, pro-agility and recovery program for me that has me peaking at just the right time.

My results have been measurable. I am faster. I am stronger. And I am confident taking risks highlighting my athleticism out on the lacrosse field. I look forward to walking through the front doors and seeing what the current day plan is for me. It has been a highlight of my senior year to find my home at Training HAUS. It always makes me smile, and I love the competitive nature Kirk and Scott have created.

Going into the Big East Conference at Marquette University next fall, I feel confident in my health and preparation to play at the Division I level.

Ellie H. | Eden Prairie Varsity Lacrosse

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