Ella S. Testimonial - Training HAUS

Ella S. Testimonial

Dance is everything for Ella, and she was determined to fully recover from a knee injury. As it turns out, our dance-focused physical therapy was a game changer:

“In October of my senior year of high school, I tore my meniscus while dancing. An MRI showed that I would need surgery if I wanted to continue dancing. I went into surgery without knowing if they would repair my meniscus or perform a meniscectomy. My surgeon decided a meniscectomy would be best after seeing how damaged my meniscus was. This surgery would have a shorter recovery process than if they had tried to repair my meniscus, so I had high hopes of being back to dance within a few months.

Physical therapy began right away, and I was placed in the best possible hands at Training HAUS with Braidy Solie and Megin Sabo John. Braidy helped me get back on my feet after surgery, and then Megin began the physical therapy to get me back to dancing. I had difficulty with my range of motion, which added more time onto my recovery, but with every session, Megin helped me improve. After I got past my limited range of motion, I was able to begin working on dance-related therapy. We started focusing more on ballet technique and barre work.

Megin always kept my main goal in mind while planning our sessions, which was getting me back to dance. She even helped me walk through each of my dances and would find exercises to help me with my choreography. If it wasn’t for Megin and everyone at Training HAUS, I wouldn’t have been able to compete in my first dance competition in February, which I am forever grateful for.

Ella S.

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