Brooke G. Testimonial - Training HAUS

Brooke G. Testimonial

Rehabbing at the Training HAUS and in the ACE hockey program has made me the athlete I am today. This fall, I tore my meniscus and partially tore my ACL. This was my second ACL tear, and as a senior, it was devastating. However, I had no doubts I would persevere and come back stronger with the help of Jeremy and ACE hockey.

Jeremy developed a personal plan for me to ensure I would come back prepared for my senior hockey season. His attention to detail, and the effort he puts into his athlete’s recovery is unmatched. When I first got back on the ice, Jeremy developed drills specific to my needs. His drills aided both in my leg strength and skill development. I felt safe and equipped to be back on the ice.

Jeremy was constantly working with me, adjusting our plan of attack as needed, in order to ensure I was successful. Whether my hips were hurting or my quad was strained, Jeremy was there to address the problem and get me back to 100%. Jeremy’s support and encouragement throughout my recovery was unwavering.

A devastating injury such as an ACL tear or meniscus tear can leave athletes feeling hopeless. However, for me, my injuries helped me discover my happy place. Rehabbing at the Training HAUS helped me become a stronger, faster, and healthier athlete. Jeremy inspired and motivated me to push myself to new limits. Having someone like Jeremy, and a community like the HAUS to constantly rely on makes all the difference. I feel thankful for each day I get to spend at the HAUS.

Brooke G. | HAUS Built

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