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Bill A. Testimonial

I can truly say that I didn’t know how to run PROPERLY until I started working with Bill Welle, Sports Performance Coach. It’s one thing to preach proper mechanics to an athlete, but until the athlete knows and understands why the mechanics will help them, the information is useless. Bill does a great job of breaking down proper running form in each of his drills, explaining the purpose of his instructions, and then strategically putting all the drills together to make sense of them. He emphasizes points like forward body lean, knee drive, and arm action in all of his training so that it becomes muscle memory when it’s time to move. One of his favorite sayings is that each drill is like a puzzle piece that you’re putting together to make the perfect picture. My NFL combine prep with Bill has been tremendously beneficial to my performance and technique. I know his teachings will be very transparent in my game.

Bill A. | HAUS Built

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