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Athletes: You’re Only as Good as Your Eyes

80% of all sensory information comes from the eyes. That’s why in sports, your eyes are the basis of your entire game. However, there is much more to vision than just seeing clearly.

Vision is composed of many fundamental skills, just like speed and strength, and it impacts how well you play your sport.

For athletes (of all ages) seeking to gain a competitive edge, performance levels are greatly enhanced with sports vision training. The Training HAUS vision team provides two key opportunities for athletes to gain and maintain that edge.

1. Sport Performance Vision Evaluation: How good are you? Our team can determine an athlete’s visual strengths and opportunities to improve visual performance. An evaluation provides a complete picture into an athlete’s visual motor and visual perceptual abilities. The athlete’s performance is measured against other athletes of the same age and sport. Ultimately, leading to insight on what needs improvement or enhancement to perform at peak level.

2. Sport Performance Vision Enhancement Training: How good can you become? Our team creates training programs customized to each athlete and sport. Maximizing visual skill with sport-specific exercises enhances performance and decreases injury potential. Training is designed to improve neuromuscular patterns of vision in a dynamic environment and strengthen how the brain processes the challenging environment. Training improves visual fitness and accuracy with quantifiable measures of the athlete’s continuous improvements.

Your Eyes, Your Sport, Your Performance

Different sports have different visual demands. The Training HAUS vision team integrates the athletes improving visual ability with movement patterns specific to their sport for maximum performance.

Athletes of all ages and skill levels can benefit from a fully customized vision training program. Sport Performance Vision Enhancement Training builds better athletes by improving the entire visual system.

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