Anthony Barr Testimonial - Training HAUS

Anthony Barr Testimonial

It’s hard for me to put into words what Jon Graves has meant to me. We started working together after a knee injury my rookie season as a Minnesota Viking. Nine years later, I’m still playing at the highest level, and I can confidently say that without Jon Graves, my career would’ve ended years ago. 

When we first met, he let his expertise do the talking while we warmed up to one another, but it didn’t take long for us to begin to trust one another. I’m from Los Angeles. He’s from Utah. Two totally different upbringings and backgrounds, but we shared similar interests, morals, and love for our families. That’s what connected us and continues to drive our respect for one another. He’s diligent and observant. He’s also patient, reassuring, educated, and has the hands of a god! 

The knee injury I had my rookie year foreshadowed what was to come for my career. There were three constants every time I had an injury: frustration, Jon, and healing. No matter the extent of my injury, be it a strained hamstring or a torn pectoral, I knew who to see. Jon’s knowledge of the human anatomy is second to none, and after nine years of working together, he almost knows my body better than I do. Even this past year in Dallas, I would call or text him when things would pop up, and Jon always answered.

I really could go on and on about all of our experiences. I cannot thank Jon enough for all the assistance and knowledge he’s provided me over the years. I truly wouldn’t be here without him. I’m eternally grateful for Jon Graves.

Anthony Barr

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