Andrew S. Testimonial - Training HAUS

Andrew S. Testimonial

It always sounds a little weird when I say this, but going through my ACL recovery process at Training HAUS was genuinely one of the best experiences of my life as an athlete. I am so thankful to have had so much expertise under one roof to help me progress through the different phases of the recovery process and to keep me confident and motivated. One of the more impactful stages of my recovery was the “Return To Play” phase, where my PT Mike Shirilla and Sport Scientist Michael Kiely worked together to ensure my load was properly managed, considering I hadn’t played soccer in 6 months. This is probably best exemplified by the calendar they created for me, which included my playing schedule and detailed specifically which trainings and matches I could attend, which parts of training sessions I could participate in, and how many minutes I could play for in trainings and games. I truly believe that this meticulous progression is what allowed me to return to full participation without any setbacks, ultimately preparing me to come back in time to captain the University of St. Thomas men’s soccer team during my senior season.

Andrew S. | HAUS Built

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