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Why every athlete should see a sports chiropractor (at least once)

Our sports chiropractors have nearly two decades of experience working exclusively within the sports realm and are currently serving as team chiropractors for the Minnesota Vikings.

While traditional chiropractors often focus solely on the spine, sports chiropractors go further by addressing complaints anywhere from the spine, to the hands/feet, and everywhere in between.

At Training HAUS, our sports chiropractors work closely with our physical therapists, sports performance coaches, athletic trainers and medical doctors in patient management and have a diverse treatment approach that is applied based on the needs of each individual patient.

Our sports chiropractors work with all athletes, whether in high school, the pros or even weekend warriors. Here are six reasons why you should schedule an appointment today:

1. Reduce risk of injury. Sports chiropractors have a keen eye for identifying abnormal or faulty movement patterns associated with increased injury risk. With a thorough evaluation and targeted treatment plan, sports chiropractors can help to eliminate faulty movement patterns and reduce the risk of future injury.

2. Improve performance. Reduced mobility can be a limiting factor for many athletes when playing a sport. This rings especially true while in-season, resulting from an increased work volume. Restoring normal mobility to the spine and extremities can allow athletes to move freely through all body positions required for their sport and lead to better performance.

3. Heal faster. Injuries occur in every sport and can significantly impact an athlete’s ability to compete. Sports chiropractors use a variety of treatment techniques and exercise programs to promote adequate healing to reduce pain which can result in quicker return to sport.

4. Less need for pain medication. Overuse of pain medication is a serious problem plaguing our society, especially in the athlete population that regularly experiences pain from intense physical activity. Sports chiropractic care is an effective and non-invasive option for treating pain in active patients.

5. Reduce physical and emotional stress. Whether it’s physical or emotional, stress is a normal part of an athlete’s everyday life and can interfere with their ability to maintain a high level of performance. Sports chiropractic care can help to reduce stress on the body and mind through a variety of hands-on techniques.

6. Maintain your competitive edge. In today’s world of sports, the difference between success and failure is minimal. For all of the reasons above, professional athletes in every sport seek sports chiropractic care. Making sports chiro a regular part of your preparation can help maintain that competitive edge and achieve the highest levels of success.

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