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3 Things You Didn’t Know: Sports Chiropractic

Sports Chiropractic is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Whether you’re an athlete dealing with a lingering injury, or you’re serious about achieving optimal technique and form, our soft-tissue experts take the time to understand and address your individual needs.

Our talented team works with athletes at all levels, from pros like the Vikings, to high schoolers prepping for tryouts.

3 Things You Didn’t Know: Sports Chiropractic

1. We’re not here to crack you. We use chiropractic tools, but not a chiropractic philosophy. Sure, we’re trained in traditional chiropractic treatment methods like spinal manipulation, but we don’t take a spine-first approach. We treat nagging injuries with a systematic, hands-on approach to support the body’s natural healing ability. We’re board certified, and have extensive expertise and knowledge working with sports injuries. It’s why we’re trusted on the sidelines on Sundays. 

2. Zero pressure to make this long-term. Many of our clients feel better after one treatment session, and they’re surprised we don’t ask them to come back. If you’re feeling good, then we’re doing something right. If you want to see us regularly you can, but our flexible, cash-based model puts you in the driver’s seat. For many clients, we are an add-on to traditional physical therapy. We can spend more time with you, and give you a truly individualized experience.

3. You don’t need a referral. In fact, most clients hear about us from other clients. You can sign up online, and pay as you go. Many people utilize HSA or FSA funds to pay for services, since we are not covered by insurance. Pro Tip: check out our Black Friday deal!

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