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HAUS Academy – Hoops

Hoops Academy incorporates basketball specific, performance-based exercises alongside on-court skills and drills. Our goal is to develop athletes into higher skilled players through increased athleticism, leading to improved performance and an overall reduction of injuries.  Using dynamic exercises and drills, we cultivate performance qualities beyond foundational strength. The result is a more complete athlete with distinct competitive advantage.


For youth basketball players, ages 9 – 12
2 sessions per week (60-minute) every Tuesday & Thursday at 11:00 AM *


For basketball players, ages 13 and up
3 sessions per week (60-minute) every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at XX:XX AM/PM *

* Additional dates/times to be added upon demand.


Jadee Jones has been actively involved in the Minnesota basketball community for over 10 years. He’s served in various roles, all aimed at impacting the development of players from youth to professional levels. His education and experience give him the ability to understand all aspects of the development of a basketball player including speed and agility, athletic performance, skill enhancement and injury prevention.

Our Training HAUS team has over 30 years of combined sports performance experience. From NFL, NBA, MLB, and other professional sports to youth development, our staff has trained them all.

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