Transform to Train

The Transform to Train program is a 6-week online course that maximizes off-season development by empowering players to take control of their development and transform the way they train.

If players want to stand out and shock coaches and scouts with their performance, they need to improve the way they are training. If they follow the crowd and train the same way they’ve always trained, they’re going to find themselves in the same spots they’ve always been.

If you are failing to plan your development, you’re planning to fail. 

Click here to watch a preview of the 6-week online program.

Development and performance is not one-size-fits-all:

  • Master your in-game identity
  • Study how the game works
  • Understand how to control the game
  • Learn to design your own development plan
  • Your time, energy, and dollars are limited

Program Includes:

  • 1-hour webinar sessions per week (timing will be determined amongst the group)
  • Weekly online discussions + homework assignments



60 Minutes


Frequency *

1x Webinar Per Week


High school and college athletes looking to take their off-season development to the next level


Sign-up using the blue button below. After completing registration, you will receive an email for next steps to start the online course. Must sign up by Friday, April 24 to be included in the first 6-week course.


$195 (originally $295) if you sign up by Thursday (4/16) at midnight!

Questions about our Transform to Train online program?

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* Minor variability in number of sessions per week may occur due to holiday schedules and other various schedule conflicts. The HAUS staff will do their best to ensure a routine and standardized schedule.

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